Mediation is for couples who want to actively participate in the process of their own divorce, separation or shift in marital arrangements. Mediation is for parents who want to ensure that their children get the full measure of adult consideration and attention during a stressful time. Mediation is for people who want to make financial and family decisions only after a thorough vetting of alternatives and implications.


Mediation is the process which invites you to move forward to act in your children’s – and thereby your own – best interests. Mediation is the process which supports in-depth discussion of mutual and sole financial issues. Mediation is flexible and individuated so that the stress of divorce, separation and disentanglement does not dictate sloppy decision-making. Mediation is civil, private and respectful.


  • The two most important elements required for successful mediation are the commitment of the individuals to the mediation process and a skilled mediator.
  • Susan Jacobs is a skilled mediator who listens with a trained ear to the issues, concerns and questions that are brought to the mediation table.
  • Susan is an impartial guide toward constructive dialogue, leading to both creative and pragmatic resolution of issues.
  • Susan knows you are overwhelmed, but if, after learning about mediation, you are committed to the process, Susan can help you – both of you- figure it out.